Manage reported content on Workplace

This article is only applicable to Workplace system admins, content moderators and custom admins with permissions to moderate inappropriate content.
Posts, comments and chats can be reported on Workplace. When content is reported in your organization’s Workplace, you’ll receive desktop notification and a mobile push notification.
Manage reported content
  1. Click Admin Panel Admin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click Reported contentReported content.
  3. Click Review next to the reported content you want to review.
  4. Review the reported content.
    • You can also view related content (such as posts and comments) if relevant. This applies to content from open, closed and secret groups.
    • If you need more context on the report, click Send message to message the content reporter directly. The reported post will be attached to the chat.
    • You can assign the content to another admin to review by typing in their name. You can also attach notes and images when you assign the reported content to another admin.
  5. When you’ve reviewed the content, you can choose to:
    • Allow: The reported content will remain on Workplace with no further action.
    • Hide: The reported content will be hidden from everyone on Workplace except for admins and the author. When a decision has been made regarding the content, you can restore it so it’s visible again.
    • Delete: The reported content will be permanently deleted.
  6. View previously managed reports by clicking the relevant tabs: Allowed, Hidden or Deleted.
These 3 options aren’t available for all content types. For example, you cannot delete a chat message.
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