How do I go live with Portal on Workplace?

You can go live with Portal when you have downloaded the Workplace Live app and confirmed your device via
Go Live on Portal
To go live with Portal on Workplace:
  1. Open the Workplace Live app, then tap Go Live.
  2. Select your audience from a Workplace group or the entire organization. You can also add an optional description.
  3. Tap Start Live Video.
During a live broadcast, you can see live reactions and comments from viewers, as well as seeing the view count. To end your live broadcast, tap in the bottom-right. Tap Done to save the video as a post, or tap Delete Post.
Watch Live with Portal
To watch a Live video with Portal, open the Workplace Live app on Portal. You'll see a selection of Live videos chronologically, while Live videos that are in session will have "Live" displayed at the top. Tap on the video to watch.
Note: Live videos can be viewed on any devices that support live videos, including desktop and mobile.
You can also generate captions for the video after it has been uploaded.
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