Export Workplace support tickets

Workplace admins can export their support tickets from the Admin Panel.
To export tickets:
  1. Go to Contact Support in the Admin Panel.
  2. You can add a filter to customize your export by clicking Add filter + in the search bar.
  3. Click Export on the right to download the file in CSV format.
The downloaded CSV has the following fields available:
  • Question ID - ticket number.
  • Title - ticket title.
  • Description - subject of the ticket.
  • Creator ID - ID of the ticket creator.
  • Creator name - name of the ticket creator.
  • Topic - category of the issue.
  • Priority - priority that was submitted when the ticket was created.
  • Status - ticket status at the time of export.
  • Created - date of ticket creation.
  • Modified on - modified date at the time of export.
  • Escalated - ticket escalated or not.
Admins can learn more about exporting data on people or groups in their Workplace community.
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