Which priority should I set for my Workplace support ticket?

Priorities can be used to provide information to Workplace Support about the business impact and urgency of your issue or question. Guidelines for each priority can be seen below.
High Priority: Severe business impact
Severe impact to business. The issue prevents users from being able to perform their job responsibilities. Requires immediate action. No possible workarounds available.
  • All users are unable to login to use Workplace.
  • A key component of Workplace is not working for all users, such as the ability to create groups.
  • A key stakeholder, such as the company CEO, is unable to use a core functionality of Workplace, e.g. cannot go live.
Mid Priority: Moderate business impact
Moderate impact to business. The issue prevents some users from performing their job responsibilities. Workaround is available. Non-primary feature of Workplace is not working for users.
  • Some users are not able to go live.
  • A non key component of Workplace is not working as expected - Mac users being unable to download a video.
Low Priority: Low business impact
Low impact to business. The issue is transient. Workaround is available. Impact is less than 5% of total users and issue is not a core component of Workplace.
  • One user is occasionally unable to see a chat thread linked to a group.
  • Some users are unable to download a video when using an Android phone, but can do so from a laptop or an iOS device.
  • Relatively low-key issues with API usage/Developer Support.
Note: The main purpose of priorities is to signal the business impact or urgency of your issue to the Workplace support team. Priorities do not guarantee faster or slower resolution, but enable us to better focus on the more impactful and urgent issues.
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